Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Have you ever done this?

I spent today shopping for shoes (online cause I'm lazy and I hate other people) and I finally found a pair of sandals that I loved!!!! I put them in my cart, got up to grab my wallet, looked down and realized that I was WEARING THE EXACT SAME SANDALS!
they were a different brand and a different color but exactly the same style. I bought the old pair last summer and wore them almost every day. I had no idea that i was buying the exact same shoes that I was wearing. I was totally freaked out.

Have you ever done this? Am I crazy? senile? Should I still get the sandals? I was so freaked out that I couldn't buy them so I just bought these-- (they're vegan!)

but it's not crazy to buy the same shoes over and over again, right? not if you like them? And they're just flip flops--how many different ways can you do flip flops, right? Right?

1 comment:

val said...

i buy the same shoes all the time when they are comfy!!